Anatomy of a Training Program

I specialize in creating completely customized exercise and youth fitness training programs to meet your unique needs and goals. To ensure success, your program will be based on the following 6-stage approach:

  1. Fitness Assessment

    During our first meeting, I will conduct a brief fitness assessment that will help us evaluate your current level of fitness and the steps we’ll take to get you to your goals.

  2. Goal Setting

    We will take time to discuss your long-term goals and, together, develop challenging, attainable short-term goals that will lead to achievement of your long term goals.

  3. Program Design

    Together, we will design a progressive, fitness program tailored to achievement of both short term and long term goals.

  4. Exercise Technique Instruction

    I will instruct you on how to execute all exercises in your fitness program, using proper technique and form, with your safety being a top priority.

  5. Ongoing Motivation

    It is very easy to begin to come up with numerous reasons to postpone a scheduled workout for a day, or decrease the number of assigned sets, or simply not show up for a scheduled workout. I will work closely with you top create an understanding why consistency and staying on schedule is crucial to achievement of your goals.

  6. Program Periodization

    Periodically (4 to 6 weeks) your body adapts to your fitness routine and gains begin to progress more slowly, and the program may become more mentally and physical challenging.  By utilizing program periodization we will periodically redesign your specific program to include fresh exercises that will keep you steadily progressing toward your fitness goals and avoid staleness.