The promotion of physical activity among youth has become a major public health concern because childhood obesity continues to increase and the physical activity level of most boys and girls is down. The percentage of overweight boys and girls has doubled during the past two decades and many children are overweight and have one or more cardiovascular disease risk factors.

From general fitness to weight loss and sport-specific training, I work with small groups of youths (2-6) who want to their improve overall fitness, flexibility, strength and body composition. I can assist with a properly designed youth fitness training program, utilizing a variety of safe, effective and fun training methods to reach these goals. I utilize the Children’s Lifetime Physical Activity Model (C-LPAM) as a guideline for designing and implementing fitness programs for youths. This a youth specific model that addresses the amount of physical activity necessary to produce health benefits.

I have considerable experience in developing youth fitness training programs for young athletes. I have coached a variety of sports in middle schools and high schools and have managed strength and conditioning programs for all athletes at both levels. If you are a young athlete with a desire to improve your performance, I can design a closely supervised, fun and enjoyable, strength and conditioning program specific to the sport you are participating in. We can train at a multi-purpose gym, at your home or outdoors.