Dumbbell Kickbacks


  • This movement is performed leaning over or on a bench.
  • Bend over at your waist. Place one hand at your waist or on a low bench for balance. Grab hold of a dumbbell with an overhand grip, with your thumbs on the outside. Be sure to lock your wrist during the exercise. Keep your back flat and your head up facing forward.
  • Starting with the hand with the dumbbell at your side and your elbow at the height of your shoulder. Keeping your elbow stationary, extend your arm back until your arm is straight. You may twist as you are at the top turning your palm up.
  • Hold for 2 seconds, contracting the triceps muscles.
  • Slowly lower the weight back down to a position where the dumbbell hangs straight down again. Be sure to keep your elbows at your side stationary.


Be sure to keep your back flat during this exercise. Do not lift your shoulder as you are extending your arm out.

Exercise Dumbbell Kickbacks Muscles

Muscles Engaged

Primary: Triceps